Glossary S

Suiter refers to a rectangular piece of luggage intended to hold two to four men's suits; has hangers and
suit-folding frames. May be hard side, soft side or soft and may also have w

Suiting refers to any fabric used in making men's or women's suits; it applies to a wide variety woven fabrics which tailor

Sundress refers to a dress with a Bodice styled to expose the arms, shoulders, and back, for wear during hot weather.
A sundress can be an A-line dress with an Empire waist. Moreove

Supple is a term used to describe a material or object, like leather as soft and bending easily without breaking. Supple materials means it is readily bent; pliant.

Kip or Steerhid

Surplice refers to a wrap-style swimsuit with a strategically placed gathering of material, which disguises problem areas like the hips or belly. Moreover, Surplice refers to a one-p

Surplice Top refers to a Bodice created by the cross-wrapping of fabric; may be in front or back, and associated with a high or low neckline.

Surplice Top is also known as Wrap Top

Surtout refers to the term that was used to refer to all types of men's coats/overcoats and cloaks.

Surtout can also refer to a woman's hooded mantle.

Suspender Belt refers to a Belt that wraps around the Waist and has clasps that attach to stockings to hold them up. Common variants have 4, 6 and 8 straps, although it's possible to