Glossary S

Stand-Up Collar refers to a type of Collar described as short and often made of knit material, does not fold down against the garment. Stand-Up Collar is a common feature on Satin a

Statistics refers to a model's statistical information which are her height, weight, measurements (bust, waist, hips), hair and eye color, dress size and Shoe size. Statistics


Stick Earrings refer to type/style of earring which feature dangling rectangular bars that connect to the backing by a jump ring.

Stick Earrings are also calle Chop Stick Earrings

Stock Buckle refers to a type of Buckle used by men in the 18th century to secure a style of neck scarf called a Stock. Stock Buckles are similar in construction to Belt and Shoe buck

Stock Photographer refers to a photographer whose work is not for a specific client or job, but whose photos get listed in a general catalog by number for any client to select. A Sto

Stockist refers to a British term for a commercial retailer or wholesaler that stocks merchandise or goods.

Stomacher refers to large triangular shaped pin worn by women on the front of the bodice. It was secured by the bust Line and usually extended below the waistline. Some were created i

Straight Leg refers to a type of trouser that is cut straight through the thigh and hem.

Straight Legs are Pant legs which are cut with an equal width from Waist to ankle.