Glossary S

Smock-Frock refers to a loose protective garment of coarse homepin linen or cotton reaching below the knees, traditionally worn by farm labourers before the machine age.

Smocking refers to a tightly gathered section of material, usually elasticated for comfort and decoratively stitched. Mainly used in the bust area of a dress though also a popular de

Snowy River Hat refers to a fur felt hat in an outback style with a low crown and 3-3 1/2 inch brim; the hat gained fame and popularity after it was worn by the hero in the movie, "T

Soccus refers to a wide cloak which was worn by a royalty in the Middle Ages on ceremonial occasions.

Sock Liner refers to the insole which is inside of a Shoe that the foot rest on.

Sole leather refers to a heavy, cattle hide leather used for the soles of shoes.

Something Else refers to an Australian woman's fashion label under the helm of seasoned Melbourne-born designer and artist Natalie Wood who is also the Creative Director of clothing label Insight, as well as the former founder of cult-label Sample

Sonic Weld Logos is a Clothing term referring to a type of Logo treatment, where the graphic is applied without the use of stitches. A direct injection of material is applied to the f