Alpinestars refers to the global leading global brand that most world-class racers trust. Alpinestars is the world leading manufacturer of professional automotive and motorcycling ra cing products (Formula 1, Motocross, NASCAR) , high-performance apparel, technical footwear and clothing, including extreme sports

Alpinestars was founded in Asolo, Italy by Sante Mazzarolo in 1963. Its brand name was derived from the Italian word "Edelwiess", which literally means in English "Alpine stars." The company started by manufacturing hiking and ski boots but eventually shifted and focused in manufacturing all protective, technical and apparel for motorcycle racing competitions in the 90s. The company became famous with the introduction of the "Tech 10" boots which were worn by the world's best motocross and supercross racers including Nicky Hayden and Casey stoner. Alpinestars is now well known in the field of motorcycle and auto racing like the Formula 1, Motocross, Moto GP, and NASCAR.

Today, Alpinestars is headed by Sante Mazzarolo's son, Gabriele Mazzarolo.

Maintaining the impeccable workmanship from its world-renowned range of motorcycle attire, Alpinestars, the 45-year-old Italian-based company has created a brand called "Alpinestars by Denise Focil". It is a collection of contemporary motorcycle-inspired pieces which incorporates the Alpinestars heritage while providing a collection worth craving. The pieces from the Alpinestars by Denise Focil collection compliment every city girl's closet. The line is free from branding, with a focus on fabric and fit. Each piece has a hint of true motorcycle edge that can only be offered from a tried and true motorcycle company like Alpinestars. Denise Focil who is creator and designer was born in Ecuador and raised in Los Angeles, She incorporates a variety of influences into her eponymous line of women's clothing, including belts, nylon and leather jackets, shoes and bags, blending the heritage and roots of the Alpinestars motorcycle brand with her own well-defined, street-wear sensibility.

Another Alpinestars brand, the ASTARS Brand was launched. The collection includes jackets, basic essential tops, long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts, and tank tops. It draws inspiration from Alpinestars" rich motorsports history. The line's slouchy tanks, sexy V"s, and vintage motorcycle tees translate the same edge and attitude from the motorcycle world into the clothing label. ASTARS styles maintain the same high standards of design and construction found in Alpinestars' racing divisions, while developing its own stylish identity. The tops are designed for women who are looking for a rebellious touch.

Alpinestars, Alpinestars by Denise Focil and ASTARS are also featured in fashion magazines such as Marie Claire, Nylon, Lucky, Teen Vogue, InTouch, etc.

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