Deutsch: Gilet-Korsage / Español: Corsé chaleco / Português: Corpete colete / Français: Corsage gilet / Italiano: Corpetto gilet

Gilet corsage refers to a type of women's fashion garment that combines elements of a vest (gilet) and a corset (corsage). It is designed to fit closely to the body, providing both structure and shape, much like a traditional corset, but with the stylistic and functional elements of a vest. This garment typically features a button-up front, similar to a gilet, and may include boning or lacing to enhance the corset-like fit and aesthetic.


The gilet corsage is known for its ability to define the waist and streamline the torso, offering a blend of elegance and sophistication with a hint of historical fashion. It is versatile and can be worn as both outerwear and as a statement piece in a layered outfit. Designers often incorporate luxurious fabrics, detailed embroidery, or decorative buttons to elevate the piece, making it suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Application Areas

  • Fashion Shows: Gilet corsages are often featured in fashion collections due to their unique blend of classic and modern styles.
  • Formal Attire: They can be paired with skirts or trousers for a chic, tailored look, suitable for formal events.
  • Street Fashion: When styled casually, they can add an element of vintage flair to everyday wear.

Well-Known Examples

While specific designer examples vary by season, gilet corsages have been seen in the collections of fashion houses that favor vintage or historical influences in their designs, often blending them with contemporary trends to appeal to modern tastes.

Similar Terms

Similar fashion items include the "bodice vest" and the "waistcoat corset," which similarly aim to sculpt the waist and emphasize the body's silhouette, merging the structured fit of corsets with the more practical elements of vests.


The gilet corsage is a stylish garment that marries the form-fitting attributes of corsets with the more tailored, functional aspects of a vest. It serves as a fashionable piece that enhances the silhouette while remaining versatile enough to be styled for various occasions.


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