Freyagushi is an independant Designer Label officially created in 2002 when the designer Pinkindus moved from France to North England (United Kingdon) countryside. Its real birth tho

ugh is in 2007 when Freyagushi relocated to London to actively showcase her work. All Freyagushi pieces are handmade in London by the designer Pinkindus, herself. Freyagushi mixes medical references and materials,with cyber/goth/punk influences and a small quantity of Hello Kitty designs to create a range of limited edition pieces and accessories. It is an ultra-feminine creations with a twist and medical couture. There are waist corsets, bust corsets and bizarre dresses which mix images of Kitty with red crosses. There are also legwarmers and reflective armwarmers.

In May 2009, Freyagushi was featured as a front cover of Urban Mainstream magazine with and interview and pictures of their current pieces of the ultra feminine collection: burlesque de luxe line with cage skirt , candy dots line , and contessa couture line.

Freyagushi is a quality label founded by the belief that clothing is a form of self-expression - that human's deepest emotions can be expressed through "fashion" and "wearable art". Pinkindus is virtually free of the boundaries of fashion being self taught. It helps her to have her own vision, her own unique style and to experiment while being mentally free of the constraints of the fashion world. Freyagushi's depicts beauty, while also portraying the duality of human beings. Beauty as simplicity, but with an underlying sense of darkness, corruption and loss of innocence.

What others say about Freyagushi:
" Entering the world of freyagushi might be likened to falling down the fabled rabbit hole,taking the pill to reveal the matrix, and stepping trough the wardrobe to Narnia all at once .
It's nothing short of an eccentric blend of couture fairy tales and nightmares you try to forget." acid pop tart - GB 2008

My favorite! The Freyagushi black fitted pencil skirt which is
made from black stretch cotton and with black polka dot mesh. I also like the color and the design of their website.

List of books: Freyagushi

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