Givaudan is one of the most respected companies in the fragrance and flavour industry. Its rich heritage dates back to 1796, making it the first company to establish itself as a creat or of tastes and scents. In 2008, the company achieved sales of CHF 4,087 million, with a work force of 8772 employees and subsidiaries in 46 countries.

Givaudan Fragrances was born in 1820 in Grasse, France - "the flower basket of the world" and the birthplace of the perfume industry. Its creed "make the world smell better_" - Givaudan has over 180 years of experience creating the world's most memorable fragrances. In 1935, Givaudan became the first company to collaborate with the fashion industry to create the first designer fragrance.

Givaudan has a global team of 70 perfumers specialising in the design of both fine fragrances and consumer products Givaudan's global structure includes a network of six (6) Creative Centres - located in Bangalore, New York, Paris, Sao Paolo, Shanghai, and Singapore - that enables a world-class team of perfumers to create fragrances for customers anywhere in the world. Givaudan is committed to building true business partnerships with customers by Leading Sensory Innovation in the form of new fragrance concepts, products and brands for the global marketplace.

Moreover, Givaudan is the only fragrance company with its own perfumery school where many of the world's leading perfumers have been trained. Perfumers from this school have created one out of every three fragrances that exist in the world today. Also known as leading researchers, Givaudan's expert scientific team studies the genetics of olfaction, the molecular modelling of fragrances, and sensory psychology to explore the perception of smell, as well as a variety of other related state-of-the-art disciplines.
As the leading company in the Flavours and Fragrances industry, Givaudan creates and manufactures unique and innovative taste and smell solutions.

Givaudan is headquartered in Vernier, Switzerland holds a 25\% market share in an industry which is overall valued at around CHF 17 billion. The company has been listed on the SWX Swiss stock exchange since its spin-off in June 2000. It is one of Switzerland's 30 biggest listed companies in terms of market capitalisation.

The company has a leading presence in all major markets and operates through a network of more than 40 subsidiaries in the mature and developing markets of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, North America, Latin America as well as Asia Pacific. This global presence as an industry leader is an important contributor to its success. Givaudan has the critical size and the supply chain to serve its customers seamlessly with innovative products in all regions of the world.
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