Annie Buzantian is a Master Perfumer who was first exposed to the exotic ingredients of perfumery in Constanza, Romania, where she was born. Later Annie Buzantian spent time in Leban on, surrounded by the beautiful flowers of the Mediterranean, a memory that continues to inspire her to this day.

Annie Buzantian's career began by training with Elie Roger, one of the most famous and demanding Master Perfumers. In recognition of her enormous successes, Annie Buzantian was awarded the title, Master Perfumer in 1998.

Working between Firmenich's North American Headquarters in Princeton and New York, Annie Buzantian has created many of the best selling fragrances on the market in partnership with The Estee Lauder Companies, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Giorgio Armani Parfums, Liz Claiborne and Mary Kay.

Annie Buzantian creations are:

Adrienne Vittadini
Avon Forest Lily (1998)
Azzaro Azzaro Now Women (2007, with Alberto Morillas)
Diane von Furstenberg D
Donald Trump The Fragrance (2004)
Estee Lauder Pleasures (1995, with Alberto Morillas)
Estee Lauder Sensuous (2008)
Giorgio Armani Emporio Armani White Elle (with Alberto Morillas)
Giorgio Armani Onde Vertige (2008, with Jacques Cavallier)
Izod Izod for Men (2008, with Raymond Matts)
Joan Rivers Now and Forever
Marc Jacobs Splash ~ Grass (2006)
Mary Kay Journey (1997)
Parfums Visari Fleurage Classic
Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise (2005)
Ralph Lauren Ralph Rocks (2006)
Revlon Flair (2006)
Tommy Hilfiger Freedom for Her (1999, with James Krivda)
Tommy Hilfiger T for her and T for Him
Tommy Hilfiger Tommy (with Alberto Morillas)
Tommy Hilfiger Tommy 10 for men (2006)
Vera Wang Look (2008)
Victoria's Secret Breathless (2003)
Victoria's Secret Pink (2001)
Victoria's Secret So in Love (2005)

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