Lancome Juicy Tubes refer to Lancome's ultra shiny and hydrating lip gloss which was launched by Lancome in 2002. It is a thick glossy gel, with good holding power - slightly sticky gel that last longer when applied onthe lips, it has sweet smell, a great range of colours, a sheer tint, and most importantly Lancome Juicy Tubes lip gloss give a shiny pout.

The range of colours to choose from keeps growing every season, with almost every colour of the rainbow available. From the basic red and clear gloss, to different shades of pink, red, purple, beige, orange and corals and with different names and variations, like Thrill Seeker, Cupcake Pink, Spring Fling and Heavenly Body.

Lancome Juicy Tubes has been setting a standard every year since its launching in 2002 as a Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss. Lancome has added new product like:

(1) Juicy Tube Smoothie - the lips will glisten with an ultra-glossy formula that glides on easily with its tube-tip applicator.

(2) Juicy Tube Sparkling Night - inspired by star-studded fashion trends, Juicy Tubes Sparkling Night delivers high-tech, kaleidoscopic color. Shimmering stardust particles illuminate lips to create an out-of-this-world, prismatic pout.

(3) and Juicy Tube Tropiques (smells like a tropical beach, with shimmering shine)

(4) Juicy Tubes World Tour - a collection of iconic Juicy Tubes that are dressed to thrill. Inspired by 4 hot fashion cities, each must-have, limited-edition tube has been decorated with a chic dress by London's darling fashion designer, Christopher Kane. Each city has its own designer dress. From Red Hot New York and Paris Bubbly to Tokyo Plum Blossom and Rio Mango;

(5) Juicy Tubes Rose Fishnets - available in one perfect rosy-nude shade, glimmering with hints of gold, to enhance all lips.

In 2007, Lancome partnered with international artist, Julie Verhoeven to create a limited edition Lancome Juicy Tube. Together they created a limited edition colour, Pink Muse. A shimmering pale pink gloss, the tube even featured one of Verhoeven's illustrations.

In January 2008, Lancome partnered with up and coming British designer, Christopher Kane, to create another limited edition Juicy Tube, Burns Night, a dark tangerine coloured gloss complete with a fashion illustration on the tube and signed by Kane.