Deutsch: Halsausschnitt Abnäher / Español: Pinza en el escote / Português: Prega no decote / Français: Pince de décolleté / Italiano: Pince scollatura

Neckline dart in the fashion context refers to a tailored fold sewn into the fabric at or near the neckline of a garment to provide a better fit and shape. Darts are a fundamental element in garment construction, used to contour the fabric to the body's curves.


A neckline dart is typically used in women's clothing, where the curvature of the bust or shoulders requires the fabric to be shaped for an improved fit. These darts can be positioned in various places around the neckline, such as at the side, center, or near the shoulder, depending on the style of the garment and the specific fitting needs. The purpose of the dart is to eliminate unwanted fabric fullness, creating a garment that fits smoothly around the body contours.

Application Areas

Neckline darts are crucial in:

  • Tailored Shirts and Blouses: Ensuring that the area around the chest and shoulders lies flat and forms well to the body.
  • Dresses: Providing shaping around the bust and upper body to enhance the garment's overall silhouette and comfort.
  • Formal Wear: In more structured pieces such as evening gowns, darts are essential for achieving a close, tailored fit that complements the wearer's shape.

Well-Known Examples

Neckline darts are often seen in custom-made or tailored garments where precise fitting is crucial. For instance, bespoke suit jackets and formal blouses frequently utilize darts to refine the fit around the neckline and shoulders, ensuring the fabric does not bunch or gape.

Treatment and Risks

The placement and sewing of neckline darts require precision, as improper dart placement or sewing can lead to puckering and an unflattering fit. Here are some considerations:

  • Accuracy in Measurement: It is crucial to accurately measure and mark where the darts should go to ensure they enhance the garment's fit.
  • Sewing Technique: Careful sewing is needed to ensure that the dart tapers smoothly and ends precisely, avoiding any bumps or wrinkles in the fabric.
  • Fabric Choice: Some fabrics may show dart stitching more prominently, which requires extra care in sewing and pressing to ensure a clean finish.


Neckline dart is a technical feature in garment construction that plays a vital role in enhancing the fit and aesthetic of clothing, particularly around complex body curves near the neckline. Proper execution of darts is essential for achieving professional-looking garments that fit well and flatter the wearer’s shape.


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