In fashion design, a fish dart (also known as a fisheye dart) refers to a specific type of dart used to shape a garment, particularly around curves such as the bust or the small of the back. These darts are typically vertical and are used to create a more contoured fit.


Fish darts are usually found on the front and back of dresses or tops and are most effective on fabrics with a bit of stretch. They allow the garment to taper at certain points, enhancing the fit and emphasizing the natural curves of the body. The dart starts at the widest part of the body area, tapers in at the waist, and then slightly flares out again, resembling the shape of a fish or an eye, hence the name.

Application Areas

Fish darts are commonly used in:

  • Women's formal wear: Enhancing the fit of dresses and blouses.
  • Fitted garments: Used in any clothing item that requires a close fit to the body's contours, such as fitted shirts, jackets, and bodices.

Well-Known Examples

Fish darts are a staple in tailored clothing and couture fashion, where precise fit and body contouring are essential. While they may not always be explicitly highlighted in fashion marketing, their presence is crucial for the structured fit of high-end garments.

Treatment and Risks

Proper placement and sewing of fish darts are crucial as incorrect handling can lead to puckering or misshaping of the garment. Designers need to ensure that the darts are perfectly aligned with the wearer's body dimensions.

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