Glossary S

Sheath Dress refers to a type of dress which features a figure-hugging silhouette with a defined waist; usually without a Belt or waistband. Often mid-calf or even shorter (but not m

Sheaths refer to a typeof dress which usually have straight or close fitting skirts, accompanied by a form fitting bodice. The skirt is often ankle length and sometimes has a slit in

Sheer refers to any very light-weight fabric, such as chiffon, georgette, voile, sheer crepe. Usually has an open weave. Sheers mostly feel cool.

Sheer Back refers to a dress back style with an illusion material, like Sheer fabric and lace that provides translucent cover to the back. Sheer Back is best for those who want to ach

Shelf Bra refers to a type/kind of bra that is built right into the garment, usually in camisole.

Sherpa Fleece refers to a fleece fabric where the brushed/napped side is used as the face of the garment.

Shibori refers to a Japanese twisted silk fabric used as an elastic fabric, molds freely and dimensionally to the body through the bias cut. Shibori is by designers like Fukoku Ando

- Shift (Dress) : Shift refers to a simple unstructured dress shape, slightly fitted at the bust with darts and clean lines down to the knee.