Glossary S

Side Leather refers to the leather from the sides of cattle, divided by the backbone. Used for manufacturing bags, shoes, b

Signature Bag refers to a type of bag which has become well known due to the signature Logo affixed to the bag. Typically a well known designer's Logo insures a certain level of quali

Silker refers to the tall formal, cylindrical Hat in black or gray covered with beaver felt or silk, popularized ny Abraham Lincoln.

Silker is also known as Top Hat, Topper, or P

800 silver is an Alloy of silver that is 800 parts silver 200 parts other metals. This Alloy is not used in jewelry in the

Simon & Simon Hat refers to a small outback Hat in fur felt made famous by Gerald McRaney as the character Rick Simon in the TV series "Simon-and-Simon” which aired in the early 1980". This hat is  said to look like or said to be a Havana Fedora or a classic Fedora Panama Hat.

Gerald McRaney has spent more than 15 years starring as the Good Guy,  including eight years as the famous hat-wearing private investigator Rick Simon in "Simon & Simon" TV series.

Sipes refers to a razor pattern cut in the outsoles of deck shoes to help prevent slipping and disperse water.

Skant refers to the type of pants that have a sweater-like attachment around the waist.

Skirtini refers to a mini skirt with attached garters. A Skirtini is also known as a Garter Skirt and may or may not have