Glossary S

Satchel Handbag refers to a structured handbag with a hard frame, double handles, locking hardware and a wide, flat bottom. May be large or small.

Satchel Handbag is also known as Satche

Satin is a woven fabric with a weave and glossy finish, slippery feel and a lustrous texture that can be made of silk or synthetics. The finish is achieved by heat treatment, resulti

Satin Clutch refers to a woman's purse or handbag without handles which is made of or covered with satin. Satin Clutch is mostly Embellished with Beads and usually used for evening

Sautoir Necklace refers to a very long necklace of beads, pearls or chains, which often ends in tassels. This type of necklace first became popular during the Edwardian Era because Qu

saxony refers to a fine three-ply yarn. Cloth produced from the yarn is a soft-finish compact fabric.

Scale Wage is a term used in modelling referring to the minimum wage set by the unions.

Scatter Pins refer to small pins that are worn together in small groups.

Scented Gloves refer to a fashion among women for wearing scented leather gloves developed in the early 16th century in Spain and Portugal. The use of scented gloves became widespread