Kai Milla Morris is an American fashion designer who is a native of Washington DC. Kai Milla began drawing at age 5 and started designing her won clothes while a teenager, since then, her fascination with all things which concern color, light, shape and perspective led her to the practical studies of fine art and design.

She enrolled at the Corcoran School in Washington and afterward became an Art Director and Graphic Designer for the recording industry.

The notion of giving living form to her artful and sophisticated design sensibility came to fruition for Kai Milla in the creation of fashion where her expressive talents found their natural confluence. She created and launched her own fashion line in 2005 called Kaimilla and showed her creation thru fashion and TV shows, etc. with the support and encouragement of her friends and family.

Kai Milla's customer base continuous to grow, First Lady Michelle Obama wore one of her creations - a green dress with black belt. She was featured in many articles, like the Harper's Bazaar 140th anniversary commemorative issue, and made a personal appearance in the Oprah show where she showed some of her collections.

Intelligence, glamour, sensuality and surprising unpredictability are all hallmarks of every Kaimilla design. Kai Milla has the innate ability translate her first hand understanding of today's non-stop, modern, urban lifestyle into easy designs of sculptural fluidity that celebrate every woman's form in the most luxurious materials, textures and prints with unyeilding attention to details and flawless fit.

Kai Milla is married to the music legend Stevie Wonder for almost 10 years. She splits her time between her New York atelier and a home in Beverly Hills together with her husband Stevie wonder and eight (8) children eight children.

Website: http://www.kaimilla.com/

My favorite Kai Milla! The green dress worn by First Lady Michelle Obama at the celebration of Stevie Wonder's receipt of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. I bought a similar dress which I intended to wear for my 50th birthday party.

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