Marcel Guerlain refers to the founder of Marcel Guerlain perfumery in 1923 and produced perfumes and cosmetics. Marcel Guerlain opened a splendid shop at 86 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Hon ore in Paris.Marcel Guerlain also formed and founded other perfume companies like La Societe des Parfumeurs Parisiens and six (6) others companies, such as the Hughes Guerlain company that had known to launched fragrances that included Extrait 9, Extrait 14, Bolide, Molny, and Aime that were probably manufactured between the 1920's and the 1930's. The other perfume companies Marcel Guerlain founded were (1) Helen Gys using HG initials; (2) Gys; (3) Les Parfums d'Agnes; and Marlaine.

Marcel Guerlain is not related in anyway with the well-known Guerlain company, although Marcel Guerlain have the same name as one of the heirs to the Guerlain family, there was no other connection. So that fragrance lovers would not be confused, the Guerlain family/House of Guerlain adopted the slogan "Nous n'avons pas de prenon" translated in English as "We have no first name" and brought a successful lawsuit against Marcel Guerlain, who then changed his company's name to the Societe des Parfumeurs Francais. Marcel Guerlain was then using his own slogan when advertising in the USA: "no connection with any firm of similar name".

The perfumes which has been launched by Marcel Guerlain are as follows:

Le Roy le Veult

Pavillon Royal
8 et 9
Pate D'Or

Masque Rouge
Mai Wang

Contes Choisis


Rolls Royce


In 1941, Marcel Guerlain acquired Isabey. (See Isabey)
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